-Tina Solomon (Florida Hospital Physician's Group)

Need your fingerprints scanned? Whether your a Doctor, or someone seeking a liquor license, A+ Fingerprints has you covered on all your fingerprinting needs.  Quick and Reliable. Accuracy Guaranteed. 

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"Hi Craig, I just got a phone call from Dr. Chudzinski, during our conversation he couldn’t say enough about how professional you were and how you went above and beyond to help him with his fingerprinting for his Florida ME License. He said he would recommend you to anyone who asked."

Need your fingerprints scanned? But your stuck in the office? or at the house? A+ Fingerprints will come to you!!

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"I really hope you do bid on all of our fingerprinting! You are a great vendor and I enjoy working with you."

Want to run a personal background check on yourself? Want to find out who you really hired? A+ Fingerprints offers accurate and reliable background checks.


Find out who your going to rent your home to! From criminal checks to credit checks, KNOW who your tenant is!! A+ Fingerprints is the BEST in the business at delivering Accurate tenant checks.

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A+ Fingerprints, LLC provides Level II FBI background checks and fingerprinting services for hospital systems, schools, non-for profits, real estate licenses, liquor licenses and many more! Our electronic fingerprinting system is convenient and quick. Once we take the fingerprints, we send them directly to the FDLE, which then sends the prints to whoever the governing agency is:AHCA, DCF, DBPR, etc. We also provide our customers with drug testing services. A+ Fingerprints has you covered for all of your pre-hire needs.

Want to make sure your home or office is drug free? A+ Fingerprints offers accurate and affordable drug testing at a facility near you.

-Angelia Richardson (Purchasing Dept. Pinellas County Job Corps.)

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