-Comprehensive written Drug-Free Workplace Policy (must have all provisions of Florida Statute 440.102)

-60 day notice provided for initial testing of existing employees

-Maintain confidentiality

-Provide list of Over-The-Counter Medications which can alter of affect drug test results

-List of resources for Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

-Include notice of the Drug Free Workplace (DFW) on vacancy announcements for open positions

-Educate employees about the program

-Use of SAMHSA or Florida AHCA certified laboratory

-Use of a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)

-Implement testing: pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, follow-up, routine fitness for duty, optional random testing

-File for 09-1 with insurance carrier annually to get the 5% credit

-Employees will become more aware of safety in the workplace and will benefit from a safer work environment - fewer accidents on the job.

-After a positive drug test, an employee who loses a job may not qualify for unemployment compensation benefits.

-When refusing a drug test an injured employee may forfeit eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits

-When an employee tests positive on a post accident drug test, the employment may not be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits

-Decrease in absenteeism, mistakes at work, theft in the workplace, and problems with supervisors

-Increase in productivity, competitiveness and employee moral

-5% credit to workers’ compensation insurance premium

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Florida Drug Free Work Place Program